Fine jewelry and engagement rings without the high markups.

the ecksand way

Low carbon impact boutiques and craftsmanship.
Exclusive made in Canada quality.
Directly sourced ethical gems.
Total transparency.

pricing structure

The result of our way of doing things:
The highest quality craftsmanship without the high markups.

Marketing, logistics, overhead, profit

Production cost: Subcontract fees, intermediary markups

Traditional retailers

Lower markups: Micro-boutiques, e-store, passion for high value

In-house production: Eliminate intermediary fees


Our cost is lower than the average commercial jeweler because of first tier relationship with mines. We streamline production in house and do not sub-contract our high-end craftsmanship.

Each piece is locally crafted to assure the highest ethical quality control and avoid shipping pollution.

luxury made accessible

At Ecksand we believe everyone deserves high-end luxury. Our Montreal atelier allows us to maintain quality craftsmanship and value without the high price. Ecksand's team of experts is prepared to help you find the perfect ring.